One-Minute Anglo-Norman Video

Designed by: Kisha G. Tracy, Fitchburg State University
Category: Time Periods
Notes: This exercise can be altered to fit any time period or subject.

Activity Outcome
  • Students will be able to articulate the historical background to the Anglo-Norman culture.
Relevant Course Outcome
  • Students will be able to identify and analyze the textual, historical, and cultural contexts of works of literature.

  • Select one of the topics below.
    • Select your topic and claim by posting a Discussion Post on this page. NOTE: read the others that have been selected before you claim your own. Do not double up. First come, first serve.
  • Research this topic (please complete the TEDEd assignment first; click here to access it)
  • With any device/program/app, create at least a one-minute video about your topic. This video should have the ability to be uploaded to YouTube.
    • You will need a Google account.
    • Once you are signed into your Google account, if you are unfamiliar with YouTube, click here for instructions on how to upload your video.
    • You may use the "Unlisted" privacy setting, so that only I may see your video.
    • NOTE: while uploading video, go to "Advanced Settings"; under "License and rights ownership," select Creative Commons (this will allow me create a compilation of all videos)
  • Email the link of your video.
  • Videos will be combined into one to create a complete lesson about the Anglo-Norman period.

  • You may choose to be as creative (or not) with the video as you like.
  • It may simply be a video of you "lecturing" or you may choose a different method.
  • You may use any props or other visuals that you like (particularly if you know how to edit your video to include them).
  • If you are working on a topic split with another student, you may work together on your video (but it should be 2 minutes split equally between you).

Topic Choices: If there is a "2" next to the topic, two students may choose this topic, but should select two different approaches as outlined below.
  • Edward the Confessor (king of England)
  • Harold Godwinson (king of England - 2: Before becoming king and after becoming king)
  • Normandy (country)
  • William the Conqueror (duke of Normandy/king of England - 2: Normandy and England)
  • Harald Hardrada (king of Norway)
  • Battle of Hastings (2: Anglo-Saxon POV and Norman POV)
  • Bayeux Tapestry
  • English Channel (role in Norman invasion)
  • Westminster Abbey
  • Cult of the Virgin Mary
  • Eleanor of Aquitaine (queen of France/England - 2: France and England)
  • Henry II (king of England)
  • Courtly Love
  • Andreas Capellanus (author of rules of courtly love)
  • Chr├ętien de Troyes (author - 2: biography and writings)
  • Marie de Champagne (countess of France)
  • Marie de France (author - 2: biography and writings)
  • King Arthur (character)
  • Lancelot (character)
  • Guinevere (character)
  • Chevalier/Chevalerie (Knight/Chivalry)
  • Anglo-Norman (the language)