Early Modern Badges

Designed by: Kisha G. Tracy, Fitchburg State University
Category: Early Modern
Notes: There are other online Badge systems. I selected Credly for mine.

Activity Outcome
  • Students will be able to demonstrate interest in and interaction with the course material on a deeper and/or creative level
Relevant Course Outcome
  • Students will be able to identify and analyze the textual, historical, and cultural contexts of works of literature.
  • Students will be able to read works of literature closely and thoroughly.
  • Students will be able to develop insights effectively through written communication, particularly via collaborative wiki.


Badge (n.) Originally: a heraldic symbol worn as an identifying mark by a knight and his retainers (sometimes more fully badge of arms). -- Oxford English Dictionary

Sign up for a Credly account by clicking here. VERY IMPORTANT: you MUST verify your email address after you create the account in order for you to get credit for your Badges.*

By completing certain criteria, you may earn a variety of different Badges (see below for choices and descriptions of criteria). To earn an A for this portion of your course grade, you must earn at least three Early Modern Badges by the final (related to a minimum of two different units). Any Badges over three earned will count as Extra Credit. These may be earned at any time up until the deadline.

Once you have completed the requirements for a Badge, go to the relevant link below and request your Badge. If all the requirements have been sufficiently met, you will then receive it. If not, you will be asked to revise and request again.

Finally, if a student by far has the most Badges each Badge period, they will earn a prize and Extra Credit!

DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE DEADLINE TO COMPLETE YOUR BADGES! THIS DOES NOT GO WELL FOR YOU (in case you have not met the criteria and have to ask for the Badge again) OR ME (I have to approve at least 84 Badges per half-semester - do not make me do this all in one evening!)

Details to Remember:
  • If you are inclined, you may share your Badges via various social media (i.e. Facebook, Twitter)! Tell your friends about your accomplishments!

Badges earned will be graded upon the following scale.

6 Badges (3 Medieval, 3 Early Modern)
5 Badges (fairly equally distributed
4 Badges (equally distributed)
3 Badges (fairly equally distributed)
1-2 Badge(s)

Choices for Early Modern Badges:external image Early%20Modern.png
Unit 6
To earn Early Modern Historian Badge: 1) Create a timeline using RWT Timeline with at least ten points detailing the life of any important Early Modern person who had an influence on literature; 2) Provide link to or image of timeline on your personal wiki page; 3) on page, discuss why and how the person you chose influenced Early Modern literature.
To earn Tyndale Badge: On your personal wiki page, 1) write Tyndale’s final letter to Henry VIII. What would he say to him?; 2) discuss at least three points about Tyndale’s translation of the Bible (selections in textbook); 3) find and post an image of Tyndale’s original Bible.
To earn Armada Badge: 1) Create a timeline using RWT Timeline with major historical events in the Spanish Armada; 2) Provide link to or image of timeline on your personal wiki page; 3) Imagine that you are present at Queen Elizabeth’s Speech to the Troops at Tilbury and write a letter home to your family about your reaction to it (include your letter on your page).

Unit 7
To earn Thomas More Badge:
On your pesonal wiki page, 1) write More’s final letter to Henry VIII. What would he say to him?; 2) examine map of Utopia here, create a map inspired by this one of your own utopia and post on your Badge page; 3) discuss how you would react if you had found More’s Utopia in real life.
To earn Redcrosse Badge: On your personal wiki page, 1) create a list of at least ten codes of conduct for the Redcrosse Knight based upon his actions in The Faerie Queene; 2) write a letter that the Redcrosse Knight leaves for Una when they are separated – what would he say to her?; 3) create an image of Error, the dragon.

Unit 8
To earn Doctor Faustus Badge:
1) In any medium, create the contract that Doctor Faustus signed with the devil (this should be more than a Word document – what do you think the actual contract looked like?); 2) Include image of your contract on your personal wiki page; 3) On page, provide Faustus with three alternatives that could have saved him and discuss each.
To earn Mephistopheles Badge: 1) On your personal wiki page, discuss the character of Mephistopheles from Doctor Faustus ; 2) Find three different images of representations of this character and discuss them (differences, similarities, connection to original text, etc.) on your page; 3) Create a SnapGuide of "How to Be Mephistopheles"

Unit 9
To earn Poet Badge:
Write three different sonnets. At least one should follow Petrarchan format. At least one should follow Shakespearean format. Post all three on your personal wiki page. For notes on formats, view this image.
To earn Illustrator III Badge (only choose this one if you have some artistic ability): Choose three characters from texts in Units 6-9 to illustrate. Add them to the Early Modern Gallery Padlet (http://padlet.com/aquitaine1980/earlymodgallery). Each illustration must be accompanied by a quotation from the relevant text that inspired it.