Checkpoint #3

Checkpoint outcomes: Students will be able to…
  • recognize the value of examining source bibliographies;
  • use a consistent MLA-style formatting;
  • determine how to begin narrowing research within a broader topic; and
  • identify and express general questions concerning primary and secondary readings.

  • Annotated Bibliography: add at least 3 more entries on a focused theme related to your chosen text(s)
    • Citations should be in correct MLA format
    • At least 1 of these sources should be found from the Works Cited/Bibliography of another source (note this in your annotation, including information on the initial source)
    • Apply previous Checkpoint #2 feedback on Annotated Bibliography entries
  • Reflection on trends in scholarship: minimum of 250 words
    • Based upon your research to date:
      • What are scholars concerned with in your text(s)?
      • What issues are being discussed/debated in scholarship?
      • What approaches are scholars taking to the text(s)?
  • Query (informed by research) about related text(s): minimum of 200 words
    • Potential questions to address:
      • What question about your text(s) has occurred to you as you have completed your research?
      • Is there an argument in the scholarship that has made you question a point or points in the text(s)?
      • Is there something confusing about the text(s) that you think would be worth exploring?
  • Survey of the activity of your research group
    • Survey will be completed individually online
  • Review classmates' pages/Bonus: post Discussion Posts with constructive comments and suggestions
Annotated Bibliography entry #4
Annotated Bibliography entry #5
Annotated Bibliography entry #6
Note that one source was found in another source
Reflection on trends in scholarship
Research query
Survey of research group activity
Discussion posts with constructive comments and suggestions on at least two classmate pages